CAR GUARD IntelliRoute CA8020 DVR navigation system for mobile homes

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Item number NAINCA82

Professional 7″ Android navigation system for mobile homes and caravans

IntelliRoute CA8020DVR with DVR accident trip recorder, rear view camera connection, Internet access, and Android app expansion capabilities:

Advantages over truck or car GPS:

IntelliRoute creates a route based on the properties of your vehicle. Just specify the size, weight and emissions class to the device and the specialised software calculates a safe, mobile home-friendly route. The routes are calculated using roads with sufficient width and height, while avoiding low bridges, weight restrictions and many other obstacles. Route warnings are also displayed without entering a destination!

Search function for personal equipment requests

IntelliRoute, together with the parking space specialist Camperstop, has integrated a search function for personal requests, which accesses the most comprehensive data collection available for parking spaces.(10,750× in 27 European countries)

A total of more than 30,000 camping and parking spots from 35 European countries were made available by ACSI, Bordatlas, Camping EU, Campsites of Europe, Here Campground and The Caravan Club as points of interest.

Google Playstore

In the Google Play store, you can freely download apps via WiFi according to your preferences and enjoy additional features on your IntelliRoute Android navigation system.

Record Full HD video, GPS coordinates, date, time, speed & sounds

Have you had the misfortune to have been involved in an accident that was not your fault? Wouldn't you have liked to have a video recording of such an event?

Functional description:

  • Route guidance taking into account vehicle size (height, width, length), weight, trailer prohibition, turning prohibition, hazards (ascents, descents, bends, crosswinds, schools), and environmental zones.
  • Route warnings are also displayed without entering a destination!
  • Free lifelong Here Global™ map updates for 47 countries (36 with mobile-home-specific navigation))
  • Here Global™ map updates via WiFi (no computer required)
  • Integrated WiFi
  • Internet access*
  • Google™ language search
  • Android operating system with Google™ Play store
  • any apps from the Play store can be used
  • active lane assistant for near and far range (lane guidance)
  • 3D junction views
  • The forecasts for arrival times can be adjusted depending on the vehicle (± 25%)
  • Gradients can be avoided on request (between 9% and 20% can be selected)
  • Multi-routing – 7 tours with up to 16 intermediate destinations each can be stored (manual or automatic sequence)
  • Destination guidance by entering GPS coordinates (3 different input options selectable)
  • over 30,000 mobile homes and caravans POIs pre-installed (e.g. ACSI, Bordatlas, Camping EU, Campsites of Europe, Here Campground, The Caravan Club)
  • Aires by Camperstop has even integrated a search function for personal requests, which can help you find your desired place
  • Over 2 million POIs (with phone numbers) and search along the route – also csv file importable (e.g. from Excel)
  • Free on-line live congestion (mobile internet access/WiFi required, consumes max. 400 MB/month*)
  • Mobile-home-specific radar sites
  • Map view: 2D view and 3D view
  • Storage option for your favourites
  • Mobile home and optional car mode
  • Continued calculation in tunnels
  • Navigate to POI symbols or a Federal Autobahn exit on the map
  • Legal vehicle-specific speed warning system

Device information:

  • Built-in dash cam: records video, GPS coordinates, date, time, speed, and sounds
  • Full HD dash cam with 150° wide-angle lens
  • Full HD 1920 × 1080 (1080 p) recording mode 
  • 3-axis impact sensor initiates automatic recording
  • Rear-view camera connection, 2.5 mm jack video-in
  • Automatic detection of video input symbols
  • 16 GB internal memory for apps, music, and videos
  • Integrated MP3 and media video player 
  • Bluetooth® connection to external speaker
  • 7″ colour LCD touchscreen (179 mm)
  • screen resolution: 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Processor CPU): MTK8163 Cortex A7
  • Unit size: 188 x 102 x 9,5 mm (25 mm with camera lens), 237 g
  • Package size approx: 295 x 202 x 87 mm, 1.290 g

Lifetime Here™ card updates worth € 159 free of charge


  • Windscreen holder
  • 3M dashboard adhesive plate
  • 12/24 V car charger
  • 110/230 V power supply unit
  • Hard shell protective bag 
  • Cable mounting bracket
  • rubber protection cover
  • USB data cable
  • Rubber protective housing
  • 8 GB micro SD card for DVR trip recorder (can be expanded up to 32 GB)
  • Operating instructions (on the device)

Optional accessories:

  • Radio speech output amplifier module
  • Vehicle specific mount
  • Colour rear view cameras
  • 7″ sun visor
  • Fixed wiring kit

*Smart phone/tablet and/or mobile Internet access or WiFi required, Live Traffic Service consumes only 400 MB if used 8 h a day/20 days a month.

Common functions on all Intelliroute models

IntelliRoute has the answer

This unique software creates a route based on the characteristics of your vehicle. Just specify the size, weight and emissions class to the device and the specialised software will calculate a safe, caravan-friendly route. The routes are calculated using roads with sufficient width and height, while avoiding low bridges, weight restrictions and many other obstacles. The route warnings are provided even if no travel destination has been entered!

Input and consideration of vehicle-specific data for up to 10 different vehicles:

Restrictions that are taken into account for the route calculation:

  • Height
  • Width
  • Length
  • Weight
  • No trailers allowed (i.e. to avoid roads where vehicles with trailers are prohibited)
  • Low-emissions zones

Warnings that make your travel safer:

  • Steep ascent ahead
  • Steep descent ahead
  • Tight curve ahead
  • Crosswinds
  • Schools
  • Pedestrian zones

IntelliRoute for mobile homes & caravans

IntelliRoute is one of a number of award-winning navigation systems from Car Guard Systems. They are the first navigation systems that have a route calculation specifically for motorhomes and caravans, as well as data from ACSI, Bordatlas, Camperstop, Camping EU, Campsites of Europe, Here Campground and The Caravan Club tested campsites and parking spaces. This is an important tool for all owners of motorhomes and caravans who want to relax and enjoy their holidays!

Here Global™ road maps of 47 countries, 36 of them with special mobile home navigation:

36 countries with specific road attributes for mobile homes and caravans:

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Road coverage of 47 countries in total:

Andorra, Albania, Austria, the Azores, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary , Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain + the Canary Islands, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican City, and the United Kingdom.

Free lifetime map updates over WiFi from HERE Global™ worth €159.00 incl. VAT with the purchase of the navigation system!

First released in 2008, the navigation systems offered by Car Guard Systems were the first mobile navigation systems designed specifically for the needs of caravans.

3-D junction views

All important motorway junctions and exits are shown enlarged to help you navigate your route and reach your destination even more safely.

Two lane assistants:

Active lane guidance for predictive support, Lane Assistant Pro for the immediate vicinity. With the lane assistants, drivers no longer have to think about which lane you should use or which lane leads to which exit, this task is handled by the navigation system.

For individualists:

Guidance can be provided by entering the GPS coordinates (3 different input formats are available).

IntelliRoute has teamed up with Camperstop, the camping space specialist, to add a personalised search feature that accesses one of the most comprehensive camping space databases available on the market. (10,750 spots in 27 European countries)

In total, more than 30,000 campsites and camping spaces from 35 European countries were provided by ACSI, Bordatlas, Camping EU, Campsite of Europe, Here Campground, and The Caravan Club as points of interest.

Select the desired facilities and then navigate to one of the 10,750 camping spaces in over 27 European countries. INTELLIROUTE even shows you a photo of the selected location! Powered by Camperstop!

Just choose in what radius of the following areas you wish to search: your current position, any city or address, a location from your favourites, your last destination, or any other point of interest; then make your choice from a detailed list of characteristics, e.g. camping spaces near bathing lakes, with electric outlets, laundromats, on grass, with shops, with restaurants, waste disposal amenities, etc. INTELLIROUTE analyses the comprehensive database and provides relevant results in a matter of seconds. You are presented with a list of locations that match your selected criteria; some places are even shown with photos, which enables you to get a first impression of your destination. After you have selected the desired camping space, INTELLIROUTE will guide you directly to your desired location.

The latest map updates guaranteed

After registration and initial GPS contact, you will always have the option to receive the latest Here Global™ maps for free.

Free lifetime Here Global™ map updates via WiFi

IntelliRoute always offers you the latest maps worth €159 incl. VAT (mobile navigation systems) or €249 incl. VAT (built-in systems) free of charge; you can download the updates via a WiFi connection (no computer required).

Advanced road maps

IntelliRoute uses high-quality digital maps from Here Global™, the market leader. Routes can be calculated using postal codes, street names, and places of interest, and even by simply entering a city, a location, GPS coordinates, a route with several intermediate stops, by selecting a destination directly on the map or a camping space with the facilities that you have selected.

Caravan-specific radar device locations

Unlike other navigation devices, our navigation systems show you the speed limits that are applicable specifically to your vehicle size and class. In addition, IntelliRoute allows you to update the SpeedShield™ database radar database free of charge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

While many traditional navigation systems with radar warning devices only provide updates every 3 or 4 months, our dedicated radar data acquisition team updates the database on a daily basis, so that you can download the update the very second when a new radar device is added. Car Guard Systems IntelliRoute will take you from A to B effortlessly, all the while ensuring that your driving licence is not jeopardised.

Extended warnings for:

  • speed cameras
  • traffic light cameras
  • average speed measuring devices
  • construction site cameras
  • toll cameras
  • accident hotspots
  • hazardous areas

Enter destination addresses by voice

If you wish to change your destination while driving, you can keep your hands on the wheel and set the destination comfortably by voice.

Day & night mode

The screen brightness for the day & night modes can be adjusted via the menu. The night mode darkens the map view so that you are not blinded.

Map view

You can choose between 2-D and 3-D for the map view.

Save favourites

Personal destinations can be saved via the menu. These can be set as the current destination at any time. The favourites are shown as symbols in the map view.

Continued calculation in tunnels

If the GPS reception is disturbed in a tunnel, an exact route simulation is carried out.

Over two million places of interest in Europe (many with phone numbers)

A comprehensive list of hotels, restaurants, parking spaces, campsites, petrol stations, golf courses, ATMs, airports, train stations, shops and more. You can reach your desired destination at the push of a button. Your own POI favourites can be imported easily as a csv file.

Find POIs along the route

Make your choices from our extensive list of POIs and have them displayed within a radius of about 2 km along your calculated route.

Vehicle-specific arrival times

You can adjust the calculated time of arrival based on your travelling speed in order to get more accurate predictions. You can reset the time calculation by plus or minus 25%.

Avoid uphill or downhill gradients

You can specify whether the routes should be calculated to avoid unwanted uphill or downhill gradients. To do this, you can set any value between 9% and 20% and exclude the corresponding uphill or downhill gradients from the calculation.

Upgrade your equipment to your heart's content

In the Google™ Play Store, you can freely download apps via WiFi and enjoy countless additional features on your Android-based navigation system.

Here are a few suggestions:

Tyre pressure warning system

Up to 10% less fuel consumption, up to 35% longer tyre life, reduced risk of accidents, fits every tyre valve.

Play games

Play any game of your choice while taking a break from the road.

Places of interest

You can import your own POI lists and use them on your trip.

Skype™ telephony

Make international calls with friends or groups on mobile networks or landlines. Moreover, HD video and voice calls to Skype users are free of charge.

Refuel at a cheaper price

Find the cheapest petrol station in the area, with an alert for your desired price and a price prediction.

Google™ Calendar

Synchronise your PC, mobile phone and navigation system calendars (or those of all your friends) and constantly stay up-to-date.

Live traffic reports

More than 50 million road users help each other with information about traffic jams, construction sites, closures, etc. All of this in real time!

E-mail for Outlook and other programs

View, read and respond to e-mails, send photos, add and view attachments.

Auto Club assistance in foreign countries

In the event of breakdowns, accidents, illness or legal issues, you have access to country-specific information for more than 50 destination countries.

Fuel consumption monitoring

The app records routes and documents each tank of fuel and calculates the consumption. The perfect driver's logbook.

Car sharing

Find the closest available vehicle near you.

Find a taxi quickly

Plan your trips in advance, submit special requests and pay with this app.

Optimise your driving behaviour

Improve your driving style, drive safer while saving fuel.

Parking assistant

Where is my car? Where can I find a parking space? Where can friends coming for a visit park their vehicle?

Toilet search

Find the nearest WC. Thanks to the community, toilets are also rated in terms of cleanliness.

Multiple-destination route calculation (multi-routing)

An elegant design has always been a key feature of Car Guard Systems' navigation systems. But they don't just look good on the outside - you can always count on them to deliver the expected performance. For example, let's take a look at our new and unique multiple-destination route planning software. Multiple-destination routes enable you to calculate a single route with up to 16 different destinations by simply adding the addresses. You do not have to stop and restart the device and laboriously search for each individual address. You can now easily calculate all destinations for the day, change their order at any time, and add new destinations or delete existing ones. It is possible to configure up to eight travel routes with several successive destinations.

If you wish, you can even have the software calculate the shortest path and the most sensible sequence of route stages automatically. You can select route options for each individual intermediate destination. At each stop, you can view the intermediate destination on the map along with the associated time and distances.

Mobil home and optional car mode

Although IntelliRoute was specifically designed to guide caravans and caravans on safe and approved roads, the product also has a car setting. Just switch the navigation system to car mode and you will be guided to your destination using the best possible route for your car. Since the navigation system is offered as a mobile version, it can be moved easily between different vehicles. This means that you get two navigation systems in one package!

Connection for the vehicle loudspeakers

For the playback of music, video and navigation announcements (included with the CA9100 model/the radio-voice output amplifier module is required for the CA8050, CA8020, CA7000 and CA6000 models).

Free online traffic jam bypass

If you drive frequently, you know how important it is to be well-informed about what to expect on the road.

Accurate and reliable information is a must to ensure that you arrive at your destination in time. Traffic information is fed into the system from hundreds of thousands of vehicles and sensors across Europe, which makes it very up-to-date.

The IntelliRoute Traffic Jam Service warns you about all traffic incidents in the country and lists them in order of their distance from your current location or alphabetically. In addition to this overview, you can also monitor traffic incidents that are on the route that you have programmed into the system. And if there is a traffic jam on your route, you can simply have the navigation system automatically calculate a route (with an alternative route) that bypasses it.

Smartphone / tablet and / or mobile internet or wifi required. Live Traffic Service consumes only 400 MB if used 8 hours a day / 20 days a month.

Intelligent route calculation

The route calculation is performed based on the route characteristics (e.g. steep gradients), the vehicle speed, the vehicle dimensions and the vehicle type

Navigating according to POI symbols or motorway exit numbers on the map

Search for and find your destination based on our POI symbols or the highway exit numbers using our Map Search function.

Legal speed warning

Your navigation system displays the permitted maximum speed on almost all roads throughout Europe. The value for the desired speed deviation after which a warning will be issued can be selected freely by the user.

Useful settings

In the "GPS" menu you can view the current GPS coordinates and the altitude above sea level.

Built-in dash cam: your evidence, just in case! Your accident black box:

(except for TR7000, optional with TR9100DAB and TR9100DABFD)

Dashcam videos are now allowed as evidence in court.

Recording of full HD video, GPS coordinates, date, time, speed & sound

In an accident that wasn't your fault? Wouldn't it great if you had a video of what happened?

Have you ever received a ticket for tailgating a vehicle because a vehicle cut in front of you while overtaking?

Now you can use the IntelliRoute Driving Recorder to automatically record accidents and other events that you inadvertently find yourself in in crystal-clear, full HD 1080p quality. IntelliRoute offers you safety, peace of mind and the option to potentially save a lot of money!

You can be sure, at all times, that you will receive all the necessary video evidence for any potential events or any accidents that were not caused by you. This will prevent the increase of your no-claims discount and your vehicle insurance premium.

Compact, stylish and incredibly effective!

IntelliRoute is designed to record crisp and clear, high-definition 1080p videos in full HD quality from your route during the day and at night. IntelliRoute permanently records the road ahead of you via GPS and the high-precision mini camera. Each event is automatically recorded, stored on the included 8 GB micro SD card (expandable up to 32 GB) and can be viewed at any time.

GPS technology

IntelliRoute does not just record an event, it also stores it along with the exact GPS coordinates, date, time, sound and current speed at the time! In this way, you can always know where your lorry was travelling and exactly where a recorded event took place.

Integrated 3-axis impact sensor

Dangerous events are detected by the 3-axis impact sensor. These are automatically cut out of the video material and stored in a separate folder which cannot be overwritten.

24-hour day and night mode

IntelliRoute is equipped with a highly sophisticated full HD video camera that produces incredibly sharp images day and night - ensuring reliable 24/7 recordings!


IntelliRoute automatically detects full cards and overwrites the oldest data first.

A hearty welcome! Thank you for your interest in our products!

Car Guard Systems GmbH was founded in Dortmund in 1994 and is a manufacturer and distributor specializing in navigation systems for the lorry, bus and caravan market. Reversing camera systems for commercial vehicles, construction machines, cranes, forklifts, ships, emergency vehicles, agricultural machines, airport vehicles, industrial cranes and buses, electronic vehicle accessories, car alarm systems, tracking systems. The Snooper, Cobra, Truckmate, Bus & Coach and Ventura brands are distributed exclusively under the umbrella of Car Guard Systems GmbH in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The company's own brands include Pentagon, Defender and the innovative, Android-based IntelliRoute navigation systems.

Our brands are available throughout Europe. With over 25 years of experience in the sales and manufacturing of vehicle alarm systems, reversing camera systems and navigation devices for lorries, buses and caravans, we have developed a close and successful business relationship in aftermarket services with several renowned vehicle manufacturers.

Our products are offered by all renowned sales organisations in B2B trade and by customer-oriented specialist retailers in B2C trade. At our company, both commercial and private customers have access to competent contact persons for all topics relating to our products.

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