Camera switch box 4gang with split function and trailer priority switching

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Item number RUU24S

CARGUARD ANGEL VIEW ™ Camera Switching Box 4X with Split Function and Priority Switching

Function Description:

The camera switch box allows simultaneous display of four images on one monitor. Many different display variations are possible, including a picture-in-picture view. The switch box automatically prioritizes the active camera. Cameras can also be manually selected and named. The double image trigger allows the display of two freely selectable cameras.

Distance grid, position arrows, mirror/normal image and trigger line priorities can be set separately and individually. The same applies to brightness, color, contrast and sharpness of each camera

If no video signal comes in even though a trigger signal is present, the system automatically switches to a blue screen to indicate to the driver that the camera has been damaged or unplugged. The switchover time of each camera is user-selectable in the range of 1 to 60 seconds.

Device information:

  • One AV input and four camera inputs
  • The cameras can be renamed (maximum 8 characters)
  • Single, double, triple, quad and picture in picture (PIP) functions
  • Power-on display can be set as single or split view
  • Up to four cameras can be individually switched by separate lines
  • Two freely selectable cameras can be displayed with the split image trigger
  • Priorities of the camera trigger lines can be set individually
  • Display mode when turn signal is activated or after reverse gear is engaged
  • Selectable display mode: LEFT, RIGHT, FRONT, BACK, QUAD, DUAL1(L/R), DUAL2 (F/B), TRIPLE1 (F/L/R), TRIPLE2 (B/L/R), H-SPLIT (L/F/B/R), PIP1 (L/R), PIP2 (L/R/F), PIP3 (L/R/F/B), TREFOIL (B/L/R), Y-SPLIT (L/R/F)
  • Manual camera selection via wired remote control
  • The distance grid and position arrows on the right and left cameras can be adjusted separately
  • Brightness, color, contrast, and sharpness of each camera can be adjusted separately
  • Mirror/normal image for each camera can be selected separately
  • Automatically switch to blue screen when there is no video signal
  • Rec video output to record video signal (left/right/front/back)
  • Image change mode with adjustable image display duration between 1 - 60 seconds

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating temperature: -20 ~ +70 ºC
  • Stand temperature: -30 ~ +80 ºC
  • Power output for cameras: max 4x300mA, 12V
  • Video inputs: 4 video inputs for cameras; peak - 1Vp-p; impedance: 75 ohms; 1 AV input: peak - 1Vp-p; impedance: 75 ohms
  • Audio inputs: 4 audio inputs for cameras: peak value: 1Vp-p; impedance: 4.7K ohms. 1 AV input: peak: 1Vp-p, impedance: 4.7K ohms
  • 1 Video outputs: : 1 REC video output: peak value: 1Vp-p, impedance: 75 ohms. 1 LIVE video output: peak: 1Vp-p, impedance: 75 ohms
  • Audio output: : 1 REC audio output: peak value: 1Vp-p, impedance: 4.7K ohms. 1 LIVE audio output: peak: 1Vp-p, impedance: 4.7K ohms

Product dimensions and weight:

  • Dimensions: 148mm x 148mm x 37mm
  • Weight: 458g

Logistics and packaging:

  • Part Number: RUU24S
  • EAN: 4260456384802
  • Packaging weight: 1004 g
  • Packaging dimensions: 305mm x 202mm x 90mm


  • ROHS
  • CE
  • E-Mark

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x camera switch box 4x (art.-no. RUU24S)
  • 1 x trigger harness (part no. RUERU24S-001)
  • 1 x Adapter for connection to monitors with 4 pin CGS screw connector (part no. RUERU24-002)
  • 1 x 1x adapter for connection to monitors with RCA connector (part no. RUERU24-001)
  • 1 x touch remote control with cable (Item no. RUERU24S-002)

Item number RUU24S

Item ID 1277
Content 1 piece

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