We are explorers, companions and pioneers -
We are Car Guard!

Whether navigation systems, rear view camera systems, alarm systems or tracking systems - with us you drive safely!
Whether buses, construction machinery or ships - we have the best solution for every means of transport!

For over 25 years, we have specialized in the manufacture and distribution of automotive alarm systems,
rear view camera systems and navigation devices for trucks, buses and motor homes.

Under the umbrella of Car Guard Systems GmbH, the Snooper, Cobra, Truckmate , Bus&Coach and Ventura
brands are distributed exclusively in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Own brands include
Rear Angel View, Pentagon, Defender and the innovative Android navigation systems IntelliRoute.

Car Guard has a close and successful business relationship with many well-known vehicle manufacturers.

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current test of rear view camera Car Guard Rear Angel View RAV-DB

The rear view camera Rear Angel View RAV-DB is "HIGHLIGHT rear view camera" of the trade magazine Car & Hifi in the issue 1/2021

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Rear view cameras

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other test results

Dashcam DVR-PRO is „HIGHLIGHT Dashcam“ of the trade magazine Car & Hifi

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Naviceiver IntelliRoute CA9100DAB / TR9100DAB is „HIGHLIGHT Top Cass“ of the trade magazine Car & Hifi

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The Snooper Ventura Pro S6900 is „HIGHLIGHT top class“ of the trade magazine Car & Hifi

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Our truck navigation system IntelliRoute TR8050 DVR is „Truck navigation IntelliRoute TR8050 DVR - Truckers best friend“ and „BEST PRODUCT top class“ of the trade magazine Car & Hifi

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The motorhome navigations system CA8020 DVR is „Test winner“ of the trade magazine promobil

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